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Research Transfer Centre (FTZ)

Applied Research

Research at the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau has a long-standing tradition. We understand that teaching and research reinforce one another, leading to high scientific and technical standards, both in the lab and in the classroom.

The university supports research efforts in connection with both public funding programs and industry projects, with a focus on applied research to solve practical problems. Our industry partnerships mean that we have a strong capacity for knowledge transfer between the academic and business worlds - the WHZ contributes to securing a thriving and innovative business sector in the region while also maintaining a good understanding of current industry needs.

In addition to professors and students, more than 150 employees work exclusively on projects supported with third-party funding and generate several million Euros annually in nearly 50 unique fields. This group of projects guarantees the continuation and expansion of modern research efforts with a focus on effective, practical results. It also means that we have exceptionally well-equipped laboratories and testing fields available to us. With numerous newly founded institutions, the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau has established a modern, flexible structure for providing research services.

Contact Us:

Head of Department
Dr.-Ing. Johannes Rödel
Tel.: +49 375 536 1190
Fax: +49 375 536 1193

Anja Noreikat
Tel.: +49 375 536 1195
Fax: +49 375 536 1193

Postal address
Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau
Dezernat Forschung, Wissens- und Technologietransfer
Postfach 20 10 37
08012 Zwickau

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Dr.-Friedrichs-Ring 2
Building R III
08056 Zwickau